Black and White Series

This series is devoted to black and white acrylic paintings, and black and white photography.  

These abstracts by Michael show how wonderful just black and white paintings can be. Enjoy !

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These images are only thumbnails ...Click on image to enlarge to the entire work of art. 


IMG 6214 1 The Mystery Explained Soule Excitement low2 Soule Excitement Collusion of color low Collusion of Color
Black Hole Low2 Black Hole FullSizeRender 3 Endangered Species Symbosis Symbiotic
Shining Sea Shining Sea FullSizeRender 6 Quit Horsing Around! Black Ice low res Black Ice
Two Out of Three LOW2 Two Out of Three Ain't Bad 2 Bacca 2 Bacca Black Bamboo.jpg Black Bamboo
Pietra Fiortura Pietra Fioritura Splash of Black & White.JPG Splash of Black & White Amygdala Hijack Amygdala Hijack
Lost in the Cavern Lost in the Cavern Bon Ton Roulet Bon Ton Roulet N-2-U.jpg N-2-U
From The Abyss and Into Chaos.jpg From The Abyss and Into Chaos Broke Down and Busted Broke Down and Busted Cast the First Stone Cast the First Stone
wrapped aroundmyheart Wrapped Around My Heart Life.jpg Life Pheromone Tracers Pheromone Tracers
Into The Vortex.jpg Into The Vortex a day at the zoo A Day at the Zoo Under Attack Under Attack
Thinking of Her Thinking of Her Balsam of Peru.jpg Balsam of Peru Sleeping with the Komondo Sleeping with the Komodo
Saturated.jpg Saturated Distruzione Creativa Distruzione Creativa Brave.jpg Brave
Entrance to The Black Forest Entrance to the Black Forest Source Point Solution Source Point Solution Second Wind2 Second Wind
Fore Fore ! Looking Into The Eye Of The Storm.jpg Looking Into The Eye of the Storm Mr bad Mr.Bad
Enterobacteriacae Enterobacteriacae Pure White Pure White Low res EXOTIC Exotic
FullSizeRender 20 Forgotten But Not Gone low res Love in Action2 Love in Action Low Res Love My Way Love My Way
FullSizeRender 68 Katholikismos dont let the big one get away.jpg Don't Let The Big One Get Away 1927 1927
Organic White Organic White Dancing Barefoot low2 Dancing Barefoot Manup Low2 Manup
IMG 5719 2 If 6 was 9