Spirit of Harmony Series

Todd RundgrenSpirit of Harmony2Michael and Todd

Michael is creating a work of art for each of Todd Rundgren’s songs which benefits Rundgren’s Spirit

of Harmony Foundation providing music education opportunities for young people regardless of

socio-economic status, geographic location, or ability.  Website is www.spiritofharmony.org

 "To provide support and funding to school programs and other organizations trying

to bring music to people who don't have it" Todd Rundgren.....  

17 creations from the SOH Series are on display at the USDA Gallery in Washington, D.C. until the end of 2017....  

These are thumbnails. so...CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE TO FULL SIZE......



Solus low SOLUS OHR...UM...AH..AMEN Aftermath Low OHR..UM...AM...AMEN (Aftermath) Ravende Gal Low Ravende Gal
You Dont Have to Camp Around low You Don't Have to Camp Around Izzat Love low Izzat Love? Jealousy low Jealousy
The Beginning of the ENd Low The Beginning of the End Worldwide Epiphany low Worldwide Epiphany Beloved Infidel low Beloved Infidel
The Last Ride low The Last Ride Temporary Sanity Low Temporary Sanity When I Pray low When I Pray
Bag Lady Low Bag Lady Fiction low Fiction Back On The Street low Back on the Street
Deaf Ears 2 Low2 Deaf Ears #2 There Goes My Inspiration low There Goes My Inspiration Fair Warning low Fair Warning
An Elpees Worth of Tunes low An Elpee's Worth of Tunes Zen Archer Low Zen Archer Freak Parade low2 Freak Parade
Traveling Riverside Blues low Traveling Riverside Blues Up Against It low Up Against It You Cried Wolf low You Cried Wolf
Da da Dali low Da da Dali Set Me free low Set Me Free Wouldnt You Like to Know Low Wouldn't You Like to Know
Bring Me My Longbow low2 Bring Me My Longbow The Finale low The Finale Liquid Joy From The Womb of Infinity Liquid Joy From the Womb of Infinity
Welcome to My Revolution Low Welcome to My Revolution Low Chillin With The White Knight Chillin' With The White Knight Low Deaf Ears Deaf Ears
Look at Me Low Look at Me Low Itch in My Brain Itch in My Brain Low Soul Brother Abstract Soul Brother
You Make Me Crazy low You Make Me Crazy Low Dust in the Wind Dust in the Wind Low I am Looking at You I'm Looking at You But I am Talking to Myself
Angry Bird Angry Bird Low Free Male and 21 Free, Male, and 21 Black Hole Low Black Hole
Low Lady Face Lady Face Low God and Me God and Me Low Wave of Heavy Red Wave of Heavy Red
Low Determination Determination Low The Road to Utopia The Road To Utopia Fahrenheit 451 SOH series 16x20 Fahrenheit 451
Low Burn Three Times Burn Three Times Low Attitude Attitude Low Secret Society Secret Society
Low All Smiles All Smiles Low See What You Can Be See What You Can Be Low Love With a Thinker2 Love With a Thinker
Low Pissin Abstract Pissin Low V.H.F. V.H.F. Low You Left Me Sore Abstract You Left Me Sore
Low Messin With the Kid Messin With the Kid Low Bread Bread Low Oppad OVer Skyene Oppad, Over Skyene
If I Didnt Try If I Didn't Try Low I Think You Know I Think You Know Low Only One Winner2 Only One Winner
Low Mountaintop Mountaintop Second Nature Second Nature Low Res Mystified Mystified
Shine Shine Low Loosen Up Loosen Up Low Res Likely Youll go your way Most Likely You'll Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)
Whos That Man low res Who's That Man Aliens in the Family Aliens in the Family FullSizeRender 10 If I have to Be Alone
Couldnt I Just Tell You low Couldn't I Just Tell You Love Science Love Science FullSizeRender 14 Saving Grace
Crybaby Low Crybaby Weakness low res Weakness 96 Tears 96 Tears
FullSizeRender 11 She's Going Down FullSizeRender 9 Pretending to Care Cary Lady Blue Crazy Lady Blue
Low R Sweeter Memories Sweeter Memories Under the Ice low Under the Ice Mighty Love low res Mighty Love
Low R Believe in Me Believe in Me Low res Lord Chancellors Nightmare Lord Chancellor's Nightmare Song Skyscraper Modern SOH Series Skyscraper (Modern)
Low Res The Individiualist The Individualist Trapped low res Trapped Low R When Worllds Collide2 When Worlds Collide
Breathless Breathless Time Stood Still Time Stood Still Two Out of Three LOW Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
FullSizeRender I Hate My Frickin ISP Lo Res You Need Your Head You Need Your Head Afraid low res Afraid
Bang on My Eukelele All Day Bang on The Eukelele All Day FullSizeRender 43 Does Anybody Love You? Second Wind Second Wind
Hurting For You Hurting For You Feel Too Good Feel Too Good Another Life Another Life
Stop Breakin Down Stop Breakin' Down Strike Strike FullSizeRender 45 Compression
Piss Aaron Piss Aaron FullSizeRender 2 Ooh Baby Baby FullSizeRender 71 Feel It
FullSizeRender 70 Everybody's Going to Heaven FullSizeRender 52 Kindness Lysistrata Lysistrata
Tic Tic Tic It Wears Off Tic Tic Tic It Wears Off Proactivity Proactivity 1.0 Pulse Pulse
IMG 3853 It Takes Two to Tango Compassion Compassion IMG 3836 1 Mad
B for Birth B for Birth Cool Fire Low res Cool Fire A wizard A true star 1 A Wizard, A True Star
FullSizeRender 27 Out of Control low res Love in Action Love in Action There Are No Words There Are No Words
Marlene Marlene FullSizeRender 24 Love My Way How About a Little Fanfare How About A Little Fanfare?
Come in My Kitchen Come On in My Kitchen Forgotten But Not Gone Forgotten But Not Gone Rock Love Rock Love
Ballad Denny and Jean2 Ballad (Denny and Jean) Fall In Fallin' Feet Dont Fail Me Now Feet Don't Fail Me Now
My Roots My Roots Sweet Home Chicago Sweet Home Chicago FullSizeRender 5 I Went to the Mirror
Flamingo Flamingo Lost in Vain Lost In Vain Love in Vain2 Love In Vain
The Ikon The Ikon Endless Prairie Endless Prairie A Dream Goes On Forever A Dream Goes on Forever
Serious Serious For the want of a Nail.jpg The Want Of A Nail Kind Hearted Woman Blues Kind Hearted Woman Blues
Broke Down and Busted2 Broke Down and Busted I Dont Want To Tie You Down I Don't Want to Tie You Down Property Property
Influenza Influenza Hammer In My Heart Hammer in My Heart Terra Firma Terra Firma
Flesh Blood Flesh and Blood Cant Stop Running Can't Stop Running Earth Mother Earth Mother
Rise Rise The Rage War The Range War Cast the First Stone2 Cast the First Stone
Oops Wrong Planet Oops Wrong Planet Boat on the Charles. Boat on the Charles Fever Broke Fever Broke
Mimi Gets Mad Mimi Gets Mad Smoke Smoke Mammon Mammon
Once Burned Once Burned Solar Fire Solar Fire Buffalo Grass Buffalo Grass
The Spark of Life The Spark of Life Jesse Jesse The Night The Carousel Burned Down The Night the Carousel Burned Down
This Island Earth The Island Earth Utopia Utopia Dogfight Giggle Dogfight Giggle
Cold Morning Light Cold Morning Light RA RA One World One World
Devils Bite3 Devil's Bite Born to Synthesize Born to Synthesize Party Liquor Party Liquor
Skyskraper Global Skyscraper (Global) TRibal Butterfly TRibal Butterfly In And Out of the Chakras We Go In and Out of the Chakras We Go
Imagination Imagination Is It A Star Is it a Star ? Open My Eyes Open My Eyes
Fix Your Gaze SOH 11x18 Fix your Gaze RA 11 RA 2 Afterlife2 Afterlife
All The Children Sing All the Children Sing Communion With The Sun Communion with the Sun WildLife Wildlife
Birthday Carol Birthday Carol Panic2 Panic Mated2 Mated
Love Things Black White Love Thing / Black and White Lost Horizon Lost Horizon The Surf Talks The Surf Talks
Shinola SOH series 11x18 Shinola Too Far Gone Too Far Gone Selfless Love SOH series 16x20 Selfless Love
Hideaway Hideaway Unloved Children SOH Series 11 x 18 Unloved Children Tell Me Your Dreams Tell me your Dreams
Future Future Eastern Intrigue2 Eastern Intrigue In The Clique In the Clique
Torch Song Torch Song The Internal Fire or Fire By Friction Fire by Friction Chasing you Ghosts Chasing Your Ghost
Theyre Red Hot They're Red Hot Soothe Soothe Hiroshima Hiroshima
The Seven Rays The Seven Rays Personality Crisis Personality Crisis Honesty Work Honest Work
Windows SOH 16x20 Windows Sir Reality Sir Reality emergencysplashdown Emergency Splash Down
A Treastise on Cosmic Fire A Treatise on Cosmic Fire Wailing Wall Wailing Wall Never Never Land Never Never Land
Wondering Wondering A Long Time A Long Way To Go A Long Time, A Long Way To Go Blind Blind
Some Times I Dont Know How To Feel Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel We Gotts Get you a Woman We Gotta Get You A Woman GodSaid God Said
Le Feel Internacionale Le Feel Internacionale Collide A Scope.jpg Collide A Scope Out of My Mind Out of My Mind
sequense1 Sequence 1 sequense2 Sequence 2 Sequence 3 Sequence 3
Sequence 4 Sequence 4 And the Band Played On And the Band Played On Hellhound on my Trail Hellhound on my Trail
Miralce in the Bazaar Miracle in the Bazaar Bleeding Bleeding Sunburst Finish Sunburst Finish
I Saw the Light I Saw the Light Gayas Eyes Gaya's Eyes Tiny Deamons Tiny Demons
Blue of Pheus Blue Orpheus Love Things 1 Love Thing 1.0 Chant Chant
Hodja Hodja Singring And The Glass Guitar Singring and the Glass Guitar Public Servant Public Servant
Entropy Entropy There Goes Your Baybay There Goes Your Baybay Hit Me Like a Train Hit Me Like a Train
Something From Nothing Something From Nothing There Goes It There Goes It Somethings Coming Something's Coming
Umbrella Man Umbrella Man Ping me Ping Me International Feel International Feel
Onomatopoeia Onomatopoeia Word Made Flesh Word Made Flesh Todds Zero Gravity Greenhouse Todd's Zero Gravity Greenhouse
Too Much Water low res Too Much Water crossroadblues Crossroad Blues Parallel Lines Completed Parallel Lines
Lockjaw Lockjaw dustmybroom Dust my Broom Black Maria Black Maria
HelloIts Me Hello,It's Me Drunken Blue Rooster Drunken Blue Rooster Johnny Jingo Johnny Jingo
Hungry For Love Hungry For Love Black And White Black and White Some Folks Is Even Whiter Than Me Some Folks...
Flaw Flaw In My Mouth In My Mouth Prime Time Prime Time
Fade Away Fade Away The Fire Of Spirit The Fire Of Spirit Say No More Say No More
Hawking Hawking Walk Like A Man Walk Like a Man Gangrene Gangrene
Low Caravan Caravan Low Holyland Holyland OH Gun low Gun
Cliche low Cliche Dancing Barefoot low Dancing Barefoot Past Low Past
Manup Low Manup Sold Ou Artist low Sold Out Artist Style low Style
Where Does the World go to Hide low Where Does the World Go to Hide Intro Mr. Triscuits low Mr. Triscuits Forget All About It low Forget All About It